Cosmic Consulting

About Cosmic Consulting

Cosmic Consulting is a sole-proprietorship computer consulting business operated by me, Tom Hays. Cosmic Consulting has been serving the Winchester, VA area since 1999 with custom-tailored and cost-effective service. Cosmic is often called in on cases when the off-the-shelf solutions are inadequate and the client feels that there must be a way for the computer to make the task easier. Cosmic Consulting can help you make the computers work for you and not the other way around.

Contact Info

"Tom Hays" <>.
Voice: 1 (540) 888-0008

I do not maintain a store front but if you would like to send me something by postal mail, I can be reached at:

Tom Hays, Cosmic Consulting
447 Whitacre Road
Gore, VA 22637-2144

FileMaker Pro

I develop both large and small FileMaker Pro databases for customers. I troubleshoot and maintain existing FileMaker Pro solutions as well as develop new ones from scratch. I can support versions of FileMaker from 5 through 12 including onsite training of database users or maintainers.


FlockFiler is a record keeping database for shepherds.


LuaFy is a plug-in for FileMaker Pro providing the Lua scripting language.