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How to Extract an Image from Inside a Microsoft Word Document

If you need a high quality image file and all you have is a Microsoft Word document, I feel your pain. The high quality image may have been placed into the Word document, but getting the image back out without losing quality is another matter.


The Basics of Starting a Website

If your business or organization does not have a website and you want to get one, here is some information that you need to know to get started. This article doesn't describe how to author a website. It does describe what services you need to arrange to get started.


Wireless Security

Oxymoron or Not, You Should Still Use It

When the present popular Wi-Fi wireless standard came out, the vendors were very excited to bring a new method of connecting computers to the general marketplace. "Look Ma! No Wires!" They were in such a hurry, they didn't take security very seriously, but they did consider it a little.

Many consumers have taken the same approach when buying and installing these wireless products except many consumers don't even consider security a little. They should. Here's why.


Large Number of E-mail Addresses in "To:" or "CC:" Considered Hazardous

You've just discovered some amazing or humorous thing and you feel the urge to send it out to everyone you know. If you decide to send this item out via e-mail, don't put everybody in the "To:" or "CC:" fields, use "BCC:" instead.


The War of the Search Tools

There is a messy war being waged in the Internet Search Tool arena. This is a war with many fighting parties and there are different philosophies at work. Each faction has their own ideas of the "right" way that things should work. There can be considerable conflict of interest here. At this point in the Evolution of the Internet, if you measure success by how well a faction's needs are being met, Search Tools are winning the war, followed by web site owners (with a wide spread), with the general surfing populace a distant third.