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How to compress a folder or file using StuffIt on Windows 98

This procedure assumes that you have some version of StuffIt installed. For example, you have already downloaded and installed the free StuffIt Expander program that includes the demo version of StuffIt.

  1. Locate the icon for the folder (or file) from your your Windows Explorer or your "My Computer" icon on your desktop.

  2. Click down the second mouse button (right-click) onto the folder to bring up a menu as shown below. Choose StuffIt-->Compress Using...-->StuffIt as shown in the graphic.

    Right-Click: StuffIt; Compress Using; StuffIt

  3. If you have not customized your StuffIt program, a dialog will pop up asking you to pick a location. Choose "Same As Original" as shown in the graphic below.

    Dialog: Same As Original

  4. If you have not previously typed in a Registration Number, you will be asked to purchase the product. Click "Continue" to use the program on a trial basis. This is shown in the graphic below.

    Dialog: Continue

  5. StuffIt will now do its work and create the compressed file from your chosen folder. It will have the same name as your folder but with ".sit" added to the end. It will have the StuffIt icon as shown below.

    StuffIt Archive Icon

    This StuffIt file is suitable for sending over the Internet. The recipients of this file will need to use a tool such as the free StuffIt Expander to open this file.